How to I place an order?

The best & quickest way to place an order is via filling out an order form. Generally, we recommend contacting us at least 2-3 weeks prior to your event, although it’s best to get in touch as soon as your event date is known. Due to the significant amount of time and labor dedicated to create a single flower cake, we only make certain number of cakes per week. Depending on our production schedule, we happily accommodate last minute orders.

Do I have to pick up? Do you offer delivery?

The cakes are pickup only from our studio in Midtown East Manhattan. Delivery can be arranged for orders over $500 within Manhattan, Brooklyn and LIC at an additional cost ($35~$75).

What are the methods of payment?

Payments are accepted via Venmo (riceandflower), Chase Quickpay (Seyun Kim / hello@riceandflower.com) and all major credit cards (3% surcharge applies to orders over $500).

Do you ship cakes?

Due to the delicate nature of floral buttercream decoration, unfortunately we are not able to ship cakes. We certainly do not want the cake to arrive at your door in less than flawless condition!


Does buttercream cake need to be refrigerated?

Our cakes do not require refrigeration if you’re planning on enjoying them the same day. During hot summer weather, we recommend refrigerating the cake to prevent floral buttercream decoration from melting. It’s essential to bring your cake out to room temperature 1 hour (summer) and 3-4 hours (winter) prior to serving for best tasting.

What is Korean-style rice cake? And bean paste frosting?

The method of rice cake making is very different to traditional American cakes. Rice cake has a very few simple ingredients- rice flour, water and little bit of sugar (sweet pumpkin, black sesame for flavor options) and it is steamed rather than baked. The result is moist, fluffy and chewy texture. Rice cake pairs best with sweet bean paste frosting, which is made out of lima beans and sugar. Rice cake contains no fat and is naturally gluten-free.

How should I store rice cake?

Rice cake must stay in room temperature- never keep it in the refrigerator, please! Doing so will instantly harden the cake and not be edible. Rice cake needs to be consumed within 24 hours from pick-up for best tasting. Any left rice cake can be kept in the freezer; please steam (without bean paste frosting) or microwave about 1 minute prior to serving.

Can I swing the box during transportation?

NO. It will break my heart….. and will break your cake! Please provide absolute care when transporting the cake. Floral decoration is very delicate and may fall or shift if box is shaken. It’s best to leave the box on the floor in the car (no trunk, no lap) and avoid direct sunlight.


What type of classes do you offer?

There are cupcake decorating and intro to flower cake one-day classes, as well as 4-week master class for those who want to learn more in depth about creating flower cakes. Classes are offered on Tuesdays-Thursdays at 9:30am and Saturdays at 12pm.

What’s the difference between Cupcake Decorating vs. Intro to Flower cake?

All our classes are suitable for beginners or those who are new to flower cakes. The 2-hour cupcake decorating is a fun, casual class. It introduces how to create two types of flowers and decorate on your cupcakes. The 4-hour intro to flower cake class is a comprehensive guide for those who want to learn all the basic skills of flower cake creation. The class covers four types of flowers, buttercream demonstration, color theory and floral arrangement composition, etc. One is not more difficult than the other. The choice will depend on what you’re more interested in learning.

Still curious? Please let us know!