butter cupcake


All floral decoration are individually hand-piped petals made with delicious Italian meringue buttercream-- smooth and silky without being overly sweet.


Our standard cupcakes are larger than the ones seen at most bakeries. Please choose one flavor for eight standard cupcakes and two dozen minis.

Minimum order applies to secret garden (8 pieces) and mini cupcakes (2 dozen).

Standard (4 pieces)
Secret Garden $35
Blooming Love $50

Mini (12 pieces)



Earl Grey
Earl grey cake with layers of bittersweet chocolate buttercream

Matcha Green Tea
Matcha cake with layers of white chocolate green tea buttercream and fresh strawberries

Cardamom Vanilla
Vanilla cardamom cake with layers of  vanilla buttercream, wafers and honey

Banana Black Sesame
Banana cake with layers of black sesame cream cheese  buttercream and maple syrup

Strawberry Shortcake
Vanilla cake with layers of  fresh strawberries and vanilla buttercream

Chocolate cake with layers of milk chocolate and mocha buttercream

Lemon Passion
Lemon cake with layers of passion fruit curd and lemon curd buttercream



Secret Garden
Single full bloom flower per cupcake

Blooming Love
"Bouquet" of multi blooms per cupcake

  Secret Garden

Secret Garden

  Blooming Love

Blooming Love

  Sweet Minis

Sweet Minis

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